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CyLOS is a tool to assist planners and designers develop an effective non motorised transport (NMT) infrastructure, which attracts both choice and captive riders. The objective of this tool is to allow planners, designers and decision makers easy access to objective evaluation of proposed and implemented projects. The availability of such data will direct attention and corrective action towards specific development, implementation and operation issues, resulting in a user appropriate infrastructure. Such efforts in the long term, when replicated across the city, would ensure better utility of investments made in non-motorized transport, generating higher use and better public image.

CYLOS is linked to the Non Motorised Transport Planning and Design Guideline which has been prepared by TRIPP, IIT Delhi.

About Us

S G Architects (SGA) provides planning and design solutions for Sustainable Urban Transport, including Non Motorized and Public transport.  SGA and its team has more than nine years experience in Cycling and pedestrian (NMT) as well BRTS infrastructure design, which includes contribution to eight NMT and BRTS corridor development projects in Six Indian Cities.

Dr. Fazio is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the State of Illinois as well as an Institute of Transportation Engineers certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (P.T.O.E.). His more than 20 years of academic and private sector experience shows a strong record of accomplishments in transportation projects, especially in model development, statistical analyses, and public transportation.
Email: fazioj@gmail.com

The Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme (TRIPP) at the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) is an interdisciplinary programme focussing on the reduction of adverse health effects of road transport. TRIPP attempts to integrate all issues concerned with transportation in order to promote safety, cleaner air, and energy conservation.

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation works to strengthen the energy security of the country by aiding the design and implementation of policies that encourage energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable mobility